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What QR Codes Are Capable Of

What QR Codes Are Capable Of

QR codes are everywhere – on posters, promotional items, billboards, you name it. Most people know what QR codes are: those little black and white codes that sure pack a punch. These codes do an amazing job of bringing a curious person to a website landing page… all with the simple scan of a smartphone. While most marketers are aware of the usefulness of these little codes, many people aren’t aware of the varied uses and versatility that can be brought about by smartly using these two-dimensional barcodes.

The Many Types of QR Codes

On the outside, Quick Response codes don’t generally come in “all shapes and sizes.” But a quick look beneath the surface will reveal that they surely do! Quick Response codes are able to fulfill a multitude of purposes. Below are just a few ways in which QR codes can be used in new and innovative ways.

Video – QR tags or codes can be set up in such a way that they display videos when scanned. While this may sound basic, its implications are far-reaching. Think about it: as things are currently, posters, promotional items, and billboards are static items… But thanks to QR tags/codes, these static items can be turned into video advertisements. By programming QR codes to link to videos, you are harnessing the ability to turn static ads into dynamic ads. Now that’s power!

Phone Calls – QR codes can also be used to place phone calls… And because QR codes need to be scanned by a mobile device, this seems like a pretty fortunate situation! Instead of getting someone to input contact info into his or her phone, that person can simply scan a code and either initiate a call at that moment, or add the contact info to a contact book for further action.

Donate – While Quick Response codes are primarily used by marketers and businesses, they also have more philanthropic uses. QR tags/codes can now be used to place donations in a simple and streamlined process. Just by scanning a code, a user can be brought to a page where he or she can easily enter personal information in order to process the donation. There has never been a more convenient way to donate.

Social Media – What would mobile technology be without the integration of social media? These codes certainly don’t forget about the latest and greatest ways to maintain a savvy web presence. There are a variety of QR tags or codes that can be used to interact with Facebook, Twitter, and more. For example, why not get a QR code that allows someone to “like” your Facebook page with the simple scan of a code? This is an excellent way to get the social media attention that you require in today’s day and age.

As you can see, there is no shortage of innovation when it comes to QR codes. The possibilities are endless – and with the technology being relatively new in the marketing world, QR codes are only just beginning to take off. Stick around and see where this fast-moving technology will move to next!