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How to Do Recruitment in Limited Budget

How to Do Recruitment in Limited Budget

Recruitment is the first step for any organization to reach the potential candidates and make them the best fitting employees of the company. These employees are the ones who will be the brand ambassadors of your business. But usually recruiting department is kept hand tight on budgets to roll-out job advertisements.

To make things happen in such situations, recruiters end-up using means and mediums of advertising a job opening which is either not relevant or cannot reach to the relevant candidates they are looking for.

With technology advancing day by day it is crucial for the recruiters to be updated on how they can carry effective hiring in limited budget. These 5 tips mentioned below should be thoroughly analyzed by the recruiters and implemented in their hiring process.

Shift to Online mode of Job Advertisements

Posting a job online is much cheaper than posting it on any other medium. Online jobs target only the relevant candidates which helps you close a position fast. Conventional method of advertisement spreads everywhere and recruiter end-up wasting time on unwanted profiles. The cost of resume received from online advertising is less than Rs.10, while a conventional method might cost you around Rs.50 per resume received.

Look for One-click Job Posting Software

In usual practice of recruitment, companies purchase accounts on individual job sites available in the market. The cost of posting a Premium Job or Hot vacancy on all major job sites sums up to Rs.4000 per job posting. But on the other hand, the same job posted from an Applicant Tracking System will cost you only Rs.750 and posted on all major sites. The best time saving factor is you don’t have to login on each portal and upload the same information again and again; an online job application software will post your job at-one click.

Focus on receiving Resumes from your Website

Most of the companies are ignoring the importance of their website. Any applicant who understands the importance of your brand would like to apply on an opening with you. It is observed that recruiters are less willing to display an opening on the Careers page on their website. Dependency on an IT resource might be another hindrance. An opening created via Applicant Tracking System is automatically displayed on your website. Job seekers visiting your website can apply directly there.

Avoid giving your Job Opening as Data posting Task

Most of the recruiters hire freelancers to share the job openings as data posting tasks. And they pay these freelancers a good amount to work on. But freelancers are unable to differentiate between a job site and a regular site. They simply post the job description on whichever website they are allowed to do so like they do for a data posting project. Such practices makes your job opening posted on non-relevant sites. Receiving application is a far-fetched talk, your target audience are nowhere near to such places.

Look for a Pre-screened Database

The usual notion among recruiters for the next best replacement of purchasing job postings from job sites is to access their database. There is no filtration on this database as to their relevancy with the job opening you have. In most cases, 90% of the resumes are getting rejected by your managers or by your clients. This is the biggest waste of time and money on unwanted profiles. An online job application software provides you with pre-screened profiles that are made relevant to the openings you are looking for. These candidates are ready to appear for further rounds of interviews with your company.