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Who Can Become the Rich?

Who Can Become the Rich?

I have a habit of not loving to read the book that is highly recommended and appreciated with comments such as “this book has a good content” or “many people have liked it”, especially the book of teaching life skills or getting rich. I simply think that millions of people have read it. However, among those who have read the book and become wealthy, no one acknowledges that this book itself has just taught him how to be a billionaire.

When I was 16-years-old, I wondered “Do the rich also come from the same circumstances as mine?”. Therefore, I often paid much attention to the biographies of famous names such as Andrew Carnegie – The King of Steel, Henry Ford – The King of Cars, John Davison Rockefeller – King of Standard Oil or President Theodore Roosevelt,… to compare the similarities between me and them.

My family has been living in a peaceful countryside. My parents did not have any reserve assets. At the age of 22, after graduating from a university, I applied for a job in a private company. Although I had much spare time, I had difficulty in money at that time. I used to wander and buy the books that made me feel curious. By chance, I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Amazingly, this book itself created the most admirable turning point in my life.

Firstly, I was so amazed to know that my previous concept of “riches” was wrong. If I continued to keep this concept, it could decrease my motivation and spirit of striving. Certainly, I would never get close to success and toward “riches” because “Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought” and “Success requires no explanations, failure permits no alibis”.

The second value is that I found out a true answer to the question “Is it possible or impossible to get rich from a low starting point?”. I realized that the difference between me and the rich was in thought.

Obviously, family condition is not a factor to make you wealthy. Anyone can become rich whoever you are, and wherever you are starting from. The only difference is, if there is a better family condition in combination with your own effort, you will be rich quicker.

Thanks to its motivation and detailed instructions, I began to change myself. Up to now, I have reached the goal to get a monthly income of 30 million dong before I’m 30; meanwhile, my friends have just earned 5 – 10 million dong per month.

That is also the reasons why I do not like to read the books that other people recommend, but I have decided to share with you about Think and Grow Rich. Instead of searching keywords “How to get rich quick”, let’s perform steps toward riches by formula of self-confidence and success: Think and Grow Rich