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What it Takes to Actualize Your Creative Talents

What it Takes to Actualize Your Creative Talents

Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade? – Benjamin Franklin

The most exciting place to discover and actualize your talent is in yourself. What does it mean to realize your talents, and how do you do it? When you actualize your talents you understand them clearly and bring them forth out into the world. Understanding and expressing your talent is an active, continuing process of knowing what you can do and who you are, at your deepest level.

People who actualize their talents actively participate in the ongoing process in which one’s abilities are fully, creatively and enthusiastically expressed.

“Self actualization means working to do well the thing that one wants to do.” – Abraham Maslow

The roots of developing your natural talents are in your learning and coping skills. Do you seek opportunities to learn and grow, stretch beyond your current abilities even if part of the process includes mistakes and criticism? Or do you keep safely within limitations that allow you to evade judgment and vulnerability? Authenticity, self-confidence and self-worth development is an important to the expansion of your talents as is the mastery of actual skills and knowledge.

Emotional intelligence, mental health challenges and other aspects of being human can impact how you relate to the world and other people, and express your talents. Living authentically with passion and purpose instead of though the well-meaning ‘should-be and suppose to’ directions of others is essential to your growth as a creative person in all areas of your life. How you react, and your awareness level of your reactions, to the events of your life shape your ability to express your potential.

As with suppressing emotions, suppressing your natural creative talents ultimately results in dissatisfaction and depression. Simply put, holding yourself back is bad for your health, emotionally and physically. Expressing your creative talent is not just about splashing paint on canvas or writing or performing in the latest Broadway hit. Full creative expression involves the application of certain attitudes, such as curiosity, metamorphosis, playfulness and experimentation, to any aspect of life

“Authentic treachery is found when we abandon ourselves, becoming deaf to the whispers of our spirits and blind to the powerful potential therein” – Joaquin Mariel Espinosa

To live creatively, actualizing your talents, is to live your life in the moment and at full-blast. If your ego, that woefully misguided Inner Critic, has held you back from living out loud in your creative expression, disarm it; take away its power to direct your choices, actions and that which you experience. Tell it that it can come along for the ride but for the rest of your life journey, your Inner Critic will sit in the back seat, perhaps with a bankie and a sippy cup.

There’s an easy way to determine whether or not you are expressing or suppressing your natural talents. Pay attention to how you feel. If you’re tired, unmotivated, or unfulfilled you are holding yourself back. You have given your personal and creative powers over to your Inner Critic. If you feel good, productive and full of energy then you have tapped into the vast resource that is your birthright, your personal power, inborn talent and higher self – or what I playfully call the Wizard that is Within you.

The Wizard that is Within you knows you by heart. She knows your truth, purpose and passion in life. She is the voice of your intuition and inspiration. She is your Muse. Reclaim your personal power, acknowledge, honor and nurture your talents that are your birthright to mindfully and intentionally maximize your full potential.

“Speak, look and act in the direction of your dreams.” – Wizard Wizdom