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Up Your Game With Presentation Skills Training

Up Your Game With Presentation Skills Training

Presenting ideas, products and solutions are a critical part of every business professional’s workday. Yet, many subject matter experts never receive formal presentation skills training. If you are long on expertise but short on confidence…discover how to up your game right here.

In the past, Presentation skills training were only available in exclusive seminars and time-consuming corporate classes. Now that’s all changed. Many organizations have cut training. Many seminars are so expensive that they are out of reach for new employees and managers. Yet, all day every day is filled with presentations. What can you do to ace the skills without spending an arm and a leg?

A few days ago I asked Sue, a Training Manager for a global organization what she recommended. “Professional development is provided by world-class companies. But if you’re not getting the presentation skills training you need from your company, go out and get it on your own.”

Let’s face it…it’s your career on the line. If your organization has cut in-house training you must find alternatives. In fact, live trainings can be costly and time-consuming. When face-to-face trainings are essential, it’s a worthwhile investment. But for core communication skills, many companies prefer the choice and convenience of top quality on demand training.

Use these 6 criteria to select an affordable and top-notch online training. The new training hub provides unparalleled options to learn-videos, blueprints, presentations, step-by-step tutorials, so you can learn how you want.

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1. Convenience.

Make sure that it’s easy to learn anytime, anywhere-from home, office or on the road. This makes learning possible for people who would never have been able to fit a program into their crazy-busy schedules.

2. Cost savings.

Meeting and travel related expenses are dramatically reduced when live face-to-face training sessions are replaced or blended with on-demand remote training.

3. Exceptional quality.

Look for exceptional quality. Make sure that skills taught remotely are grounded in field-tested practices. Then, look for quality in videos, blueprints, presentations and tutorials. If you are evaluating an online training program for yourself and your company, look for a standard of quality that will serve your entire organization.

4. Fast skill development.

When looking for online training, you want rapid skill development. According to “Training and Development Magazine” e-learning courses progress up to 50% faster than traditional courses. This is due in part to the individual ability to focus on personally relevant issues.

5. Maximum engagement.

People learn in different ways. Pick a program where learners are free to watch videos, use blueprints, and click through presentations. Choosing how and what to learn increases exploration and drives rapid learning.

6. Self-paced learning.

Select an offering that provides bite-sized learning. Look for programs that make it easy for learners to go at their own pace, learning at their own speed. The quality programs also include self-scoring quizzes so learners can challenge themselves and test their skills.

With 6 fresh new options available for online learning, there’s no excuse not to build presentation skills. Up your game. Your professional presentation skills will take you to the top of your career.