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Resume Posted, Done – Interview Completed, Done – Job Offer, What Now?

Resume Posted, Done – Interview Completed, Done – Job Offer, What Now?

First, congratulations on running the Job Search Gauntlet. All the career coaching and career guidance paid off. You even brushed up on your interviewing techniques focusing on behavioral questions and the responses that relate to your exact background. And this was preceded by a resume rewrite that focused on accomplishments, not just on your past responsibilities.

Way to go! But now the heat is really on.

You have been invited back to the company for a meeting with Human Resources. This could be it and you really don’t want to “tank” on this meeting. Will HR discuss a job offer? Think about it, could there be another reason? Maybe it’s uncertainty about how you responded to a question? Maybe it’s to have you sign a Release document to do a background check. Yes, keep on talking. This is a fantastic sign.

In my corporate career and professional services career, when a candidate was invited back to the company to meet with HR, in 99% of occurrences, there was a job offer.

Did you do your homework?

Let’s presume you have determined an acceptable pay range. The compensation source was good. You even verified the proposed pay range with a career coach and career guidance person. So you have a targeted salary. You’re in good shape or are you?

Let the negotiations begin!

Things you will need to negotiate are:

. Complete understanding of benefits offered. Medical coverage (single / employee and spouse / family), dental coverage, employee contribution, disability insurance, retirement benefits, domestic partner benefits, paid time off including holidays and vacation, and other benefits, such as tuition assistance, flexible medical or child-care spending accounts (pre-tax accounts to pay qualified expenses), other child-care benefits, and non-production bonuses (bonuses not tied to performance).

My point is you need all these items and maybe additional to determine a fair and complete compensation package. If you don’t have them all on paper from HR, you do not have a complete picture of the job offer.

Human Resources should have this complete package. Many of my clients today will forward or give a complete benefits package to a potential employee beforehand so a review can take place.

If you have a lingering question, seek a career coach or career guidance professional to prepare for the HR meeting. You must review the needed information before going to HR.