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Job Hunting Tips – Efficient Job Search Strategies

Job Hunting Tips – Efficient Job Search Strategies

Job hunting is more competitive than it has been in years. The present economy means that there are countless newly-unemployed people looking for the same jobs you are. Therefore it is more important than ever to know everything you can about job hunting skills.

Make sure everyone you know is aware that you are looking for a new job. Most jobs are never advertised and therefore if you are searching only in newspapers and online job sites, you are missing a lot of opportunities. Utilize social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to get it out there that you are looking for work. Just remember to use social networking wisely. Anything and everything that you put on the web is something that a potential employer can see. Therefore, choose wisely before you share too much in cyberspace.

Research companies in your area and check their websites. Jobs may be listed there that are not listed elsewhere. If you are interested in working for a particular firm, call them, send them your resume and follow it up with a phone call. Get the name of a contact person to speak with there.

Create a sensational resume, having spent a great deal of time on it. Have it proofread and critiqued by several people. Remember to tailor it to every job you apply on. It will make a huge difference in getting interviews, as the resume typically makes the very first impression that someone has of you. Grab them with a great “Career Objective” that is perfectly tied to the job you are seeking. Use resume buzz words and terms from their job description throughout the resume and cover letter to help cinch the fact that you are the perfect fit for the job.

Write thank you notes after a job interview. This is a crucial step that many people skip. Doing this one thing can make the difference between choosing you or someone else for the job. Be prompt with the note; send it the same day as the interview. Send thank you notes individually to all those who interviewed you. Reiterate your desire to work at the firm, your suitability for the job, add anything you may have forgotten to mention and above all, thank the interviewer for their time and the opportunity.

Prepare well for interviews. Learn everything you can about the company you are being interviewed for. Prior to the interview have intelligent questions formulated that show that you have knowledge of the company, because the interviewer will always ask if you have any questions. Practice the answers to typical interview questions. Write out the answers and rehearse them, so that you feel comfortable answering them during the stress of the interview. Have impeccable grooming and dress your best for the interview. Remember that first impressions are made in the first seconds you meet someone, so put your best foot forward, radiate confidence and offer a firm handshake to create the best impression possible.

Treat the job hunt like you would a job. Start early in the day and keep going until the end of the workday. Dress like you are going to work, or even better. Do not sink into the trap of depression because you are job hunting. Strive to do your best at job hunting, because that is your job if you are out of work.

By working hard and putting the required effort into your job hunt, you can be confident in the fact that you are doing all you possibly can to find a job. Be patient and use your imagination as you seek opportunities. Before you know it, you’ll find the perfect job just for you.