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Government Job Search Techniques for Rural Indian Women

Government Job Search Techniques for Rural Indian Women

India is a traditional country in which women are coming out of their shells, only recently. The IT boom in the country paved way for many young women to study further and earn a job. While the urban women have been exposed to various kinds of job opportunities from the previous generation, the employment market still seems a very scary one for the rural women. Such women who have little exposure to outer world can try their luck in the government jobs. It doesn’t require very high English fluency. Here are a few important guidelines helping rural women to streamline their government job search.

1. Start planning your future right from a very early stage in your life. Survey the public sector job opportunities in and around your area. Plan your study accordingly.

2. Focus your government job search on fields like teaching, medical services and studies related to accounts and commerce. Most of the villages have severe shortage of doctors, teachers and people willing to serve in the rural branch of the banks. You can easily fulfill this gap if you choose to particular subjects.

3. Make it a habit to visit your local government library regularly. The library will have journals like Employment News which will list all the vacancies in the public sector. They will help you a lot in the government job search.

4. Start preparing for the UPSC and other state government oriented exams from the first year of your college. Check how the examinations are conducted throughout your study. Gather the various years question papers. Talk with your seniors appearing for such exams and improvise your preparation.

5. There are lots of quotas allocated for rural women in these jobs. There are quotas for poor women, daughters of farmers, daughters of widowed mothers, first generation graduates and community based grants for women. Make full use of this advantage in your government job search campaign. Check with your teachers and village administrative officers and get all the necessary documents ready before you appear for the exams.

6. Remember the early bird gets the fruit. The sooner you apply for such jobs, the better chance for you to land them earlier. If possible engage yourself in the part-time jobs related to the job you are planning to apply. You can show this as a previous experience when you appear for the final interview.

Landing in a public sector job is no rocket science. Comparing to the efforts taken by the urban youth to enter into institutions like IIT, these efforts are very limited. Try your level best for guaranteed success.