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Freelancing 101: How To Build You’re Online Portfolio When You’re Just Starting Out

Freelancing 101: How To Build You’re Online Portfolio When You’re Just Starting Out

If going freelance is something which is igniting your interest right now then good news to you. Because there are a lot of opportunities to be able to work from home available today. Of course, not all these freelance jobs will come knocking at your doorstep the minute you declare that you’re a freelancer. You still have to apply for jobs in the beginning of your career.

Just like any other regular job, you need to present your resume to show what relevant skills and experiences you’ve had to qualify for the position/s you are applying for. To better convince a potential employer or in freelancing, we call them clients, that you are the one he’s looking for it would also be great to present a portfolio or a compiled summary of the works you’ve done.

Since most freelance jobs entail freelancers to work via the internet, having an online portfolio is the best way to show potential clients of what you can do. There are sites which offer free accounts where you can build your virtual portfolio or you can also choose to buy your own domain name and get hosting services to have better control of your online portfolio’s content.

But since you’re still a beginner in the freelance industry, and you have not landed a freelance job yet, you may be wondering what to include in your portfolio so potential clients will have a taste of what you can offer.

The content you can include would really depend on the skills you want to provide in your freelance services.

If you are a graphic designer, uploading some images, banners, and other visual designs you’ve done even for personal use is your first option.

For web designers, you can just easily make your own website and make it captivating enough to grab the attention of potential employers.

Those providing video and audio production services can upload professional video or audio introductions of themselves.

If you want to land writing jobs, then it is essential that all the text in your portfolio shows how good you are in writing. Good grammar and spelling and the ways you market yourself through words are what potential clients will be looking for.

For other freelance jobs like consulting, project management, virtual assistant services, transcription and translation services, and research and data entry services, you would just need to list your areas of specialty in your portfolio and describe work experiences you’ve done prior to freelancing relevant to the field you are eyeing.

For example, if you’ve done secretarial work then that is very much connected to what general or administrative virtual assistants offer.

If you’ve been in the marketing or management fields before then you can highlight these as strengths on why you are fit to be a business consultant perhaps or a project manager.

Don’t forget to cite your educational background but no need to include the years you attended school. Also include what companies you’ve worked in in the past to show your credibility and expertise.