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Fast Hiring Jobs – Top 5 Jobs to Have in 2010

Fast Hiring Jobs – Top 5 Jobs to Have in 2010

Finding a job in this economy is not an easy task. Often people get overwhelmed and stressed because finding a job is a job in itself. All the small details about landing a job are sometimes to much to handle and most people don’t know where to start. I’m going to give you some simple steps that will help guide you in making a decision as to which jobs you should pursue. The first step is to ask yourself “WHY?” What is the reason(s) you are looking for a new job. Is it because you don’t have one? Or maybe you are not satisfied with your current job. If you do not have a “WHY” then you need to get one. Your “WHY” is what drives you on your quest to get a new job and even after you get it. The Second step is to write down a few of your skills that you both enjoy doing and are good at. Finding out what your strengths are will help you think about the job possibilities that will make you stand out above the crowd. For example if you are friendly with strangers and speak well maybe you should concentrate on a customer service type position. If you are creative and artistic maybe think about working as a graphic designer for an advertising company or Yellowbook etc. Writing down what you are good at will help you think about jobs you might excel at.

What Are The Top 5 Jobs?

If you are in need of a job immediately you should consider one of these 5 jobs listed below. Each are different with their own advantages and disadvantages but overall they are all great jobs to have. This list of jobs are also easy to obtain as long as you have a basic high school education.

1. Caterer – Start your own catering business with very little money required to invest. You can advertise locally and make a decent return on your investment on each event. Birthday parties and weddings are the two most popular functions that hire caterers.

2. Government – The U.S. Government is hiring. You can work as a postal carrier or construction worker or anything in between. Most of the government jobs can be found online and you can apply within a few minutes. Good benefits and pay can be expected.

3. Fitness Trainer – Being a personal fitness trainer is fun and pays well. You can get started immediately on your own or get hired by an agency who helps train you and prepares you for the position. This job is for people who are health conscience and like to work with others.

4. Insurance Agent – Being an insurance agent does require a few weeks of training but can be a very rewarding job. Most companies will hire you even if you dont have experience. This job can require some traveling but is a fun and exciting job to have.

5. Network Marketing – Being a representative for a company can be the most exciting and profitable way to earn an income. It also allows you to get started immediately once you make the decision to join a company. Most MLM or network marketing companies require a small investment to get started so make sure you do the proper research to make sure you are joining a legitimate company that has a legitimate product or service.